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Boots for Fall 2012

Boots are one of the staple footwear pieces for many Fall and Winter collections. Some shoppers, however, remain doubtful about investing in a pair. Whether it be because you have never left the comfort of your tennis shoes or flip flops, or that you simply adore sandals, head down to your local department store and try on a pair… just for kicks.The benefits of boots are many. Traditionally, boots were worn as work shoes. Durability and sensibility were the main advantages. Fashion, however, has morphed the boot to be beautiful as well. Boots protect your toes from the elements and many are as comfortable as your favorite pair of tennis shoes. These covered toe marvels can easily add a little glam to an otherwise plain outfit and most boots serve as great focal points. For example, a cowboy boot can show your quirky or playful side while an equestrian boot can scream sophistication.But how do you wear a boot? Be creative! Check out some of the tips for wearing this season’s core styles.Cowboy Boots: Make sure your pair of traditionally farm work footwear is new and clean. Nothing is more unfashionable then a pair of painfully filthy shoes (this should be a rule for all footwear). Cowboy boots are great when paired effortlessly with casual ensembles. For example, pair with a sundress, jean shorts and a tank, or over skinny jeans with a tee (button or knit are welcomed).Fur Trimmed: Fur accents always add the feel of winter and warmth to any outfit. This season we see a variety of styles sporting the fur, from knee highs to ankle boots. A good fur trimmed boot should remain the centerpiece of your ensemble. Pair with skinny jeans and a subdued top of your liking. Beware of too much fur in your outfit. As they say, less is definitely more. For warmer climates, go for a boot that has subtle hints of fur. Fur trimmed boots are associated with winter and snow, so wearing fully furred footwear may seem silly for someone strolling in complete sunshine.Biker: Buckles and studs just scream bad ass. Because of the abundance of detailing found on this style, you also want your “viewers” to focus on your footwear. This is your wow or statement piece within your outfit. Biker boots are meant to resemble working shoes. They look tough and durable – therefore, your apparel pieces should look the part as well. Accessorize to add femininity. Pairing biker boots with a whimsical sundress is not an option. Instead, opt for a boyishly charming shirtdress (belted or fitted) that resembles a button down from the boyfriend’s closet. Add some metallic bangles and oversized hoops and you’re ready to rock.Equestrian: Styles that have been derived from the traditional horseback riding boot are present this season. They feature simple buckles in neutral tones. Equestrian boots are normally associated with those that frequent country clubs or the horse track. Preppy style fits perfectly with this boot. Think cowboy boot, except slightly more refined and polished. Collared polo shirts and tanks look great with this style.Booties: This style can resemble a sock or may seem the end result of a boot and sandal union. Booties are versatile and can be paired with most outfits. From sundresses to jeans and a tank, the bootie can dress up or dress down accordingly. Great for warmer climates, the bootie also gives the appearance of a boot without overheating your foot. Booties in rich brocades and embellishments are also in favor this season.Python: Also popular are boots of all styles in playful python prints. Showcase your wild side with a fun color like teal, red, or yellow. If the colorful isn’t your passion, go for a neutral tone or a more natural tinting. Depending on what style you choose, remember to dress around your boot. The python print will be attention grabbing on it’s own and you don’t want to throw in too many “wow” factors in one outfit.Can I wear my boot after the winter months? The great thing about buying a pair that is slender and lacking bulk, is that you can wear it under a slightly flared jean or slacks. Hidden beneath the jean, the boot will resemble that of a sports shoe. The upside is that the boot will dress up the outfit while allowing you to showcase another ensemble piece.

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